Outfit your gym

Top to Bottom Apparel Co-branding

 Gym owners know that members love to represent their box. But high minimum order quantities on apparel, or ordering in surplus, can leave you with a ton of inventory left sitting on the shelves, going unaccounted for, and costing you money.


We've developed a way for your members to purchase apparel directly from a custom web store created just for your gym, which eliminates any out of pocket costs, unnecessarily large orders and stale inventory.


Top to Bottom Apparel will work with your gym to create a custom design that represents your brand and your message, or utilize your current logos or designs. We’ll help you select apparel that’s right for your members and take the guess work out of sizes and color options. We’ll take care of the printing and fulfillment, and ship your order either to your gym, or directly to the customer on a monthly basis.


The best part is, you chose what you will charge per item, so any profit made on your orders goes directly back to you, virtually eliminating any out of pocket cost and resulting only in profit for you.


Our simple process offers high quality apparel that represents your gym and your brand and eliminates you as the middle man. You’ll be in the loop throughout the entire process to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want. Our process is pain free, so you can focus on your members, your gym, and your business.


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