Top to Bottom Apparel - Fitness Apparel and Workout Clothes for Athletes

Top to Bottom Apparel was created by athletes for athletes in Worcester, Ma, with our sport of choice being CrossFit®. We pour our blood, sweat and tears into this sport along with other Athletes, football players, martial artists, yogi's, runners and everyone else in between. T2B uses high quality materials built for athletes and meant to last and keep your comfortable during your WODs and day to day activities. We strive to give you the best and most up to date fashions, products & materials. We take pride in high quality designs and graphics on every product. Our goal is to provide you apparel and gear to wear during your workouts, outside the gym, and to show your love and support for your sport. Each piece is hand printed and we take our time and put a lot of thought into all of our products. Everything is professionally designed, printed and then shipped to your door, making sure we maintain our commitment to quality and comfort all along the way.

Joanna Spalatro


Joanna has been doing CrossFit 2010 at Crossfit Centermass in Worcester, Ma, and has been a professional graphic designer since 2008. T2B was created as a way to contribute to the Crossfit community, providing athletes with apparel that not only is comfortable and functional, but that looks cool too. As a CrossFit® Athlete and designer, her goal is to be able to supply you with comfortable, durable, stylish clothes and accessories to keep you looking and feeling your best, in and outside of the gym.